Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries
Setting Boundaries

This is the beautiful brick border that my husband put in years ago.  At the time, it clearly delineated the flower bed from the lawn, with its cleanly cut edge carving a flowing S-curve between the green grass and the brown mulch. It formed a perfect tidy boundary, and the yard looked amazing.

Blurring the Lines…

Since then, those bricks have been shifted again and again to accommodate the ever-changing growth of the flower beds. The bricks have been spaced further and further apart with some of the not-so-visible stretches having no bricks at all, as theirs were borrowed to address the needs of the more prominent areas. Because of these gaps in both bricks and attention, it’s no longer so clear what is lawn and what is flower bed. The grass has crept into the beds and plantings are finding their way into the lawn.

It’s time to re-define those boundaries—to disentangle one space from the other, and create that bit of separation that allows each area to thrive alongside, but independently of the other. Time to let go!