Opening Channels: Touch and Feel

Exploring your location with the sense of touch is one of the surest ways of truly embodying its essence. The skin is our largest organ and with its millions of receptors, has the amazing ability to capture the elements of our favorite location, sealing them into our memory.  When those “feel” elements are recreated in your home spa sanctuary, you will be whisked away to your favorite space again and again.

Capturing the touch and feel of your location involves employing what we massage therapists refer to as “listening touch.”

From your centered and aware state, close your eyes and focus all your attention into your hands. Touch the landscape around you.  Hold loose items in your hands.  Feel for specific aspects like temperature, texture, form, density, weight. Then write any descriptors that come to mind in your journal.

Things I touched while on Assateague Island:

Sand. Rough, abrasive, cooling when damp, warming when dry.
Grass. Ropey, bristly, pliable.
Shells. Smooth, cool, ridged and dimpled. Sea plants: Cool, damp, bristly

When you feel that you’ve captured all the items you’ve touched in your journal it’s time to broaden your awareness to how your location feels to your whole body.  Close your eyes and draw your attention to your skin.  Feel for details like temperature, wind, pressure, movement, etc. Journal any details that come to your awareness.

Things I felt:

Sea breeze: While difficult to capture with my camera, this element was first and foremost in my awareness.  It ranged from cooling to warming, depending on the time of day.  It blew bits of sand and surf so that I was usually feeling a “sprinkling” sensation.  It ranged from light breeze to steady force and rustled my clothing and hair.

Sun. Superficial as well as penetrating warmth.
Surf. Refreshing coolness. Rocking waves. Buoyancy. Ranging from gentle to forceful pressure.

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