Capturing the Ritual

The final bit of information we’ll be gathering from our spa location is capturing what I see as its spa “ritual.” In other words, what do we do here?

A spa ritual is a series of activities that helps you relax, let go of stress and receive the energy of your location.  On Assateague Island, my ritual began early.  I made sure that each morning I was on the beach before the sun rose over the waves.  I started each ritual with a journey. I would walk to water’s edge, deeply inhale the fresh ocean air for several minutes, then walk along the surf paying careful attention to the sensations of the wind, sea spray and waves.  I appreciated the colors of daybreak and the way the water reflected the sky.  I walked until my mind calmed and was no longer full of random thoughts, then found a place to sit where the sand was dry. daybreak blog The next part of my ritual was creating a sanctuary space–an altar of sorts. I would spread out my beach towel, then lay out my journal, camera and some quartz crystals that I use during meditation. I would collect shells, plants and driftwood and place them around me. I would ground myself by burying my feet into the cool sand.  Next was a centering exercise of closing my eyes and listening to the wind, waves and the calls of sea gulls.  I would imagine white light running from the core of the Earth, through my own core and up into the heavens and back down again.   Then–SUNRISE!sunrise blog

With each new day, I would make an offering.  I offered a prayer of gratitude for this life and a blessing to everyone I know and then one for everyone I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting. I offered an apology for any hurt I have caused–known or unknown. And when the sun’s light was bright enough to see clearly, I would take out my journal and record any thoughts that came to mind during my ritual and any intentions I wanted to set for the day. A common intention for me was “I fully appreciate this day.” When I felt ready, I would carefully pack up my belongings and head back to the inn, refreshed, centered and ready to start my day.

Now it’s your turn–In your spa location, create your own ritual that includes a journey, altar, centering, offering and intention. Write down your spa ritual in your journal.  You will use this ceremony to reconnect from your home spa sanctuary!


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