Bring home the love…

Now that you’ve collected spa-essence details from your favorite location, it’s time to spa-up your home!

To create your home spa sanctuary, you can choose to transform a niche, a single room or your entire house to reflect your favorite location. Most likely there are some spaces in your home you already love, and some others you may be less drawn to. To help  determine which spaces to transform, I suggest conducting a “guided tour” of your home with a journal and camera. Here’s how:

Take a moment to calm and center yourself.  Prepare yourself to receive information from all of your senses. Invite yourself into your home as you would a guest of honor. Since our everyday routines tend to desensitize us to detail, try to imagine yourself experiencing your home for the first time. Be with presence in each room of your house.  View it from different corners or different perspectives.  Take photos of areas you love and those you’d like to change.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1. How do I use this space?  Is it for activities? Rest? Reading? Etc.

2. How does this space make me feel? Welcomed? Creative? Energized? Calm? Nervous? Etc.

3. Does the way the space makes me feel match the purpose of the room? If yes, the energy and function of the space are in harmony, if no, this space may need some fine-tuning.

4. Then rate each space with one of the following:

  • I love this space already–no urge to make a change. (NOPE)
  • I love this space and want to make it even more spa like! (YES!)
  • This space needs some TLC and I just don’t find myself really loving it yet, but I’m not ready to make changes.(NOPE)
  • This space needs some TLC and I just don’t find myself really loving it yet– Let’s get to work! (YES!)

Now choose a space with a “yes” rating.  If you have multiple “yes” rooms, take on only as many as you can handle without becoming overwhelmed or fragmented.  The process of creating your spa sanctuary should evoke the feelings you want to bring into your space and sometimes living in a space in transition can be unsettling or inconvenient.

For my spa sanctuary, I have chosen the master bedroom.  It’s a room that has been neglected in my home for quite some time and it needs a serious facelift!  When I took my guided tour and observed our bedroom with fresh senses, the outdated carpet, mismatched paint and general clutter of the space left me feeling anything but restful.  In fact, it made me feel rather irritated, scattered and a bit frustrated that I had let this space go for so long without giving it the beauty and peace that a restorative sleeping area deserves. What a perfect example for this blog!

While I couldn’t quite bring myself to post the before pic in all it’s blue-shag-carpet-glory,  Here are some pics of the room emptied of our stuff and with the carpet pulled:

100_5076       100_5077

Enjoy finding your perfect spa sanctuary space! Next week, we’ll start collecting some colors!


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