Collecting Colors

This is one of my favorite parts of recreating spa locations–collecting colors!

Pull out your journal and photos of your spa location and take a drive to your favorite paint store–I went to Hallman Lindsay, Sherwin Williams and Home Depot for my color samples.  Grab multiple color swatches that match those standout elements in the photos you’ve taken.  Also grab samples of colors that reflect the background colors of your location. When collecting paint samples, think wall colors and beyond–some of the colors will become flooring, rugs, towels, candles, accents, art, pillows–just grab enough samples to completely cover the color palette for your space. You will slim down your selections later.  Here’s the palette I collected and the pictures that inspired it:

sea and sky 1
Sea and Sky


100_4844     Sea plant colors


It felt really important to recreate the beautiful warm gray tones that surrounded me on Assateague via the morning sky, gray-green surf and worn wooden piers; so these colors are what became my walls and flooring.  I added an accent wall in a color that to me mirrored the deep sea green of the ocean in the distance.  This is how I set the stage of my home spa sanctuary:

100_5084     100_5123    100_5157

My accents will be warm pops of color that remind me of the sea plants that were sprinkled everywhere when the tides went out and that pillow is my crab shell:

accents    100_4844    100_4846


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