Bringing Sound into Your Sanctuary

Once you’ve captured the colors of the location you’d like to recreate, it’s time to revisit the sounds you’ve recorded. Recall the obvious sounds as well as those that blend together to form the “white noise” of your location. On Assateague Island, I was surrounded by a chorus of gulls, ocean waves and wind gusts–a relatively simple audio to recreate.

There is a wealth of sound recordings online and many are free.  For my Assateague Island location, I searched on YouTube for “ocean waves” and found this blissful track of eleven hours of wave sounds and sea gulls….ahhhhhh!

If you prefer to leave your computer or mobile devices outside of your sanctuary, another great way to bring sound into your home spa sanctuary is with a white noise machine or a simple fan gently blowing–anything that fades out background noises that may otherwise distract you from your relaxation.  I also find the tone of chimes, bells or tingsha to be extremely relaxing and centering. My absolute favorite chime is a windless rain chime box, whose beads fall in such a way that resembles rain drops–so relaxing!

The important thing is simply to choose the sounds that help you recall the feelings of  peace and centered awareness you experienced while in your location. So in my case, waves and surf do the trick.  You will have your own symphony of sounds that bring you back to bliss!


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